Wendy’s, Popular American Fast Food Restaurant

Wendy’s is a fast food restaurant that was founded in 1969. This fried chicken restaurant is from America. Until now Wendy’s has more than 6500 outlets in various countries around the world. One of them is Indonesia. Wendy’s Indonesia existed since 1991 in Jakarta. And now, Wendy’s fast food restaurant has around 40 outlets in various major cities in Indonesia. Those cities such as Yogyakarta, Manado, Solo, Semarang, Balikpapan, Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung, Palembang, and other cities. To serve its customers to the fullest, Wendy’s not only serve them in restaurants. But Wendy’s also serves delivery orders.

Wendy’s Delivery Service

This delivery order service is a breakthrough to address the current people’s situation. Now, people tend to get busier and the roads are jammed. So they don’t have enough time to come to the restaurant and enjoy Wendy’s menu by dining in. To enjoy delivery order services is very easy. You can just call the nearest outlet phone number or call the call center on number 1 500 663.

In addition to this method, you can also use the Go-Food service ( in Indonesia ) to order Wendy’s fast food restaurant menu by way of delivery of this order. What about the price of foods and drinks from Wendy’s fast food restaurant? Wendy’s Delivery menu prices are the same as the menu prices in the restaurant. However, you must add shipping fees or transport fees. That fees certainly amount according to the location of the sender address you specified. Next, there is information about the price of the Wendy’s Delivery menu and also Wendy’s fast food restaurant phone number. You can enjoy Wendy’s fast food restaurant Delivery order service at number 1 500 663. In addition to delivery order services, Wendy’s also provides promo prices if you shop with certain bank credit cards such as BNI and Bank Mega in Indonesia.

Wendy’s Fast Food Restaurant Menu

One of the menu in Wendy’s fast food restaurant is Chicken Sandwich. There are various dishes on this menu. Those dishes are Grilled Chicken and Homestyle Chicken. But if you are cheesy lovers, you can choose Cheese Chicken on this menu. Next menu from Wendy’s fast food restaurant is Classic Burger. You can choose various burgers such as Cheese Chicken Crispy, Beef Burger Deluxe, and Cheeseburger.

There is also the other main menu from Wendy’s fast food restaurant which is Party Pack Fried Chicken. This menu certainly suitable if you want to eat together with friends or family. You can get a cheaper price if you order this Wendy’s fast food restaurant menu. This menu included Fried Chicken with 5 pieces and Fried Chicken with 9 pieces. There are also  Personal Combo Fried Chicken 1 and Personal Combo Fried Chicken 2.

Next menu is one of the most popular menus in Wendy’s fast food restaurant. That menu is Hot and Juicy Burger Beef. You can choose many variants on this Hot and Juicy Burger Beef menu. Those variants beef burger are Dave’s Double, Dave’s Single, Single Stacker, Double Stacker, and Wendy’s Melt. Next Wendy’s fast food restaurant menu is Potato. You can choose many variants on this menu. You can order Potato Pie with Cheese or with Carbonara, both of them are tasted very delicious.

You also can choose 4 variants of Baked Potato. Those baked potato variants are Cheese ‘n Cheese, Chili ‘n Cheese, Carbonara and Broccoli ‘n Cheese. The last Wendy’s fast food restaurant menu is Super Set Meal + Feast. There are also many variants on this Wendy’s fast food restaurant menu. Those variants are Homestyle Chicken Rice, Beef Black pepper Rice, Feast 1 and Feast 2.

Domino’s, Favorite Pizza Brand

Domino’s Pizza is one of pizza brand that is interesting to taste. For your information, this American’s pizza restaurant has been in Indonesia since 2008. And until now it has around 70 branches in several major cities. In addition to being one of the famous pizza restaurant franchises, Domino’s Pizza is also a pioneer of delivery order services and online purchase services. Delivery order services can be done by contacting the Domino’s Pizza restaurant call center which is 1500 366. As for online purchases, you can visit the official Domino’s Pizza restaurant website.

Various Menu Domino’s Pizza Choices

The menu choices provided by Domino’s Pizza are very many. There are about 30 toppings that you can choose from these Pizza. In addition to toppings, you can also choose one of 5 types of pizza fringe or crust. Those pizza fringes are panned pizza, classic tossed, pan pizza, chili crust, thin crust, and also double-decker. The price of each pizza is determined by the type of pizza and the size of the pizza. So you can buy pizza from Domino’s Pizza restaurant according to your taste, you’re needed, and your money. If pizza from Domino’s Pizza compared to other well known Pizza brand, Domino’s Pizza menu is more and the price is also cheaper. For another taste,maybe McDonald With Delicious Foods And Cheap Prices can be your choice.

Unfortunately, Domino’s Pizza does not provide a pizza menu for personal size. So, usually pizza from Domino’s Pizza restaurant ordered by a family or group of friends. Overall, Domino’s Pizza menu is divided into 5 categories. The first category is Chef’s Premium Collection, Value Range, Extra Value Range, Speciality, and Premium. From each category includes topping choices variety. That variety of toppings such as beef toppings, seafood toppings, chicken toppings, western toppings, and also veggie toppings.

Domino’s Menu And Toppings

Well, so to make you clearer, these are some description of Domino’s Pizza menu and also the toppings. Menu Chef’s Premium Collection served with toppings such as Roasted Chicken, Loaded Meatzza, Spicy Garlic Prawn, Beef Rendang, Tandoori Chicken, Veggie Deluxe or Grand Extravaganza. There is some price option according to variant pizza’s crust as mentioned before which is Double Decker, Chili Crust, Thin Crust, Pan Pizza, and Classic Tossed. That sequence according to more expensive to more cheaper. The most expensive one is Double Decker, whereas the cheaper is Classic Tossed. The second menu of Pizza from Domino’s Pizza restaurant is Premium Pizza with some toppings too.

Those toppings are Meatzza, Chicken Lovers, Cheese Mania, Veggie Mania, Extravaganza, Delicious Beef Pepper, All-Star American, Cheese Burger American Classic, Peri Peri Beef, Peri Peri Chicken, and Italian Supreme. For the pricing options for this menu almost the same as Chef’s Premium menu. But there is New York type of crust which is cheaper than Double Decker and more expensive than Chili Crust type. For the third menu is Pizza Specialties. Some toppings of this menu are Beef Feast Pepperoni, Fire Breather, Chicken BBQ, Double Beef, Tuna Delight, Veggie Supreme and Hawaiian Beef.

Fourth Domino Pizza menu is Value Range. There are also many topping of this pizza menu. Those toppings are Meat, Veggie Fiesta, Mushroom Chicken Pepperoni, Spicy Pepperoni, Mayo Spicy Tuna and Beef Rasher. Pricing option based on crust from this menu also same as Premium Pizza and Pizza specialties menu. And the last menu from Domino’s Pizza restaurant is Extra Value Range. Toppings from this menu such as Cheesy Sausage, Beef Sauce, Margherita, Veggie Delight, Beef Delight, and Feast Chicken Pepperoni.

For Beef Topping, it has the main beef topping with a mixture of tomatoes, onions and cheese. There are also added mushrooms. For Chicken Topping, it has chicken toppings cooked in barbeque sauce (BBQ) with the addition of green peppers, onions, and mozzarella cheese. For those of you who like mushrooms, pizza chicken topping is also added with mushrooms.

McDonald With Delicious Foods And Cheap Prices

McDonald’s is a type of fast food restaurant that has long been known especially in Indonesia. This restaurant is an authentic American restaurant and is also a popular place to prepare a variety of foods that are served quickly. Thus it does not take long to wait for food. Besides that, its performance is also reliable and professional. So there are so many of the best McD menus that have very delicious flavors that can make you addicted. Then, the McD menu prices are also very cheap and very affordable. Of course, it will be according to what we will get later. Not only the McD menu is so great like that, one of the factors that make McD the most visited place and is often a destination for young people is the McD Place.

McDonald’s Plus Points

McDonald’s has a comfortable place and is also fun to make as a hangout place. It is undeniable that this hits or popular place are used as one of the favorite places to serve a variety of drinks, food, desserts, and snacks. McDonald’s fast food restaurant also add more comfort when hanging out with friends. With an interesting menu, you will be satisfied. McDonald’s fast food restaurant foods are made by using premium/ high quality ingredients and also the taste is so tasty. As mentioned above, although McDonald’s fast food restaurant foods very delicious, McD also always offers a cheaper price. Not only the price is also quite cheap, but McD also often gives some promo prices on a monthly basis. Thus it can make McD become one of the franchises that are often known as the cheapest fast food restaurants.

It’s undeniable that McDonald’s is one restaurant that serves fast food that has been worldwide and is a favorite of many people. Every day many people are willing to queue to be able to enjoy a variety of delicious menus in the restaurant with their famous dishes. Such as crispy fried chicken, hamburger, Nugget and various other food menus. McD was also present in Indonesia in the form of a growing franchise and continued to expand its business by opening new stores. This McDonald’s fast food restaurant is identical to the hamburger menu or simply called burgers. There are many variations of the McDonald’s burger variant flavors offered.

Burger as McDonald’s Best Menu

McDonald’s fast food restaurant itself has also successfully provided and sold several variant burger dishes. Those burger dishes such as cheeseburgers, chicken burgers, fish burgers and various other variations of stuffing. The most popular burger menu is generally equipped with minced meat or cheese sheets.

You’re also shouldn’t forget the other variations such as slices of delicious bacon, onions, lettuce and fried eggs. With those compliments, makes this burger even more delicious. There is also a splash of sauce between sandwiches with sesame sprinkles on it which makes burger complete. McDonald’s Burger sauce itself such as barbeque sauce, tomato sauce, chili sauce or also with a splash of delicious mayonnaise.

Indeed, lots of burger menus offered by McD with flavors that are delicious and addictive. One of them is the big mac. Big Mac is a burger as a signature from McD fast food restaurant. Which of these menu burgers consists of 3 sandwich bars that have been sprinkled with sesame on top.

Then there are also 2 layers of minced beef and added with fresh lettuce, cheese, pickles, also Big Mac sauce. And there is also a chopped onion that makes the flavor more savory and delicious.

Not only serves in units ( ala carte ), but this menu is also available in the form of a frugal package. That frugal package which is added with added French fries and cold cola drinks. This menu has many enthusiasts and also can be recommended for you want to enjoy one of the best burgers in McDonald’s fast food restaurant. Why did this Big Mac menu included in one of best burger in McDonald’s fast food restaurant? Because besides you can get this Big Mac with cheap price, this food is also quite filling and surely make you satisfied.

Burger King, Best Burger Restaurant

In this article, provide interesting information related to Burger King which placed in major cities. Therefore for those of you who live around cities, this is the information about Burger King or BK. Burger King is one of the fast food restaurants which is very popular. Of course, you often hear the name Burger King right? It is certain because various Burger King branches have been spread in several cities, precisely in Mall. This fast food restaurant looks elegant and suitable for relaxing where the color is dominated by yellow and red. For the dining table and the chair consists of wood in the form of ergonomics. With this high quality interiors, so that you can stay relax like at home and comfortable. Besides that, Burger King also provides a lot of sofa chairs and table chairs. Therefore, you don’t need to worry if the dining table is full of the customer. The outer side of this Burger King fast food restaurant is not in the form of a fence or wall, but there are many pots with soothing plants. With that beautiful interior, so that the surrounding area will look clean, spacious, not narrow, and not stuffy.

Some Popular Burger King Menu

With that description, you must already know the information and description about the outline of how Burger King fast food restaurant looks. Furthermore, for those of you who are just visiting this fast food restaurant for the first time, or planning to go there to eat, these are a list of Burger King menu. With this information, so that later you will not have to worry anymore and are confused in determining what menu you want to choose. The first menu from Burger King fast food restaurant is Burger King; Chicken, Veggie, and Fish. There are top four dishes from this Burger King fast food restaurant menu.

The first dish from this Burger King fast food restaurant menu is Chick’n Crisp. This dish is made from high quality chicken which is blended with various proper ingredients. But if you prefer fish than chicken, you can order the second dish from this Burger King fast food restaurant menu. That dish is Fish’n Crisp, which is made of fresh fish and blended by high quality flour and other delicious ingredients. There also Chicken Tender Crisp which also very popular. If you want to eat the healthier dish, you can order Veggie Burger from this Burger King fast food restaurant menu.

The second type of Burger King fast food restaurant menu is Burger King; Whopper Family. This Burger King fast food restaurant menu is very popular among children and family. The first dish from this Burger King fast food restaurant menu is Whopper JR. Whooper itself is popular Burger King Burger which makes Burger King more well known. So many Burger King fast food restaurant customers whose often ordered this Whooper Burger. For the Whooper JR, this dish often is ordered by children, because of the size of this Whooper JR suitable with children. While the usual Whopper is suitable for teen and adult. There is also a variant of this Whooper Burger. You can choose Whopper with Cheese and Bacon if you want to eat high quality and delicious bacon from Burger King fast food restaurant. But if you Moslem, of course, you can’t choose this dish. Instead, you can choose Whopper Burger with Swiss Mushroom and other Whooper Burger variant.

Burger King Singles and Doubles

The other menu from Burger King fast food restaurant is Burger King; Singles. There are also many choices from this Burger King fast food restaurant menu. If you like cheese so badly, you can choose the cheesy burger from this menu, that burger is Singles Cheese Burger. You can taste sensational cheesy taste from this burger. There is also Burger King Singles; Black Pepper. This burger also popular, because of the taste of that Black Pepper so delicious and make you addicted.

Burger King Singles; Teriyaki also can be your favorite burger dish. You also can taste high quality bacon in this Singles Burger menu which is Burger King Singles, Beef Bacon Deluxe. The taste of beef bacon also will make you addicted and satisfied. The other Singles Burger dishes are Burger King Singles with Swiss Mushroom Swiss and Burger King Singles with BBQ Beef bacon.

But if you are not satisfied with the size of Singles Burger, you can choose Burger Menu with extra size. That Burger King fast food restaurant menu is King Doubles Burger. You will be more satisfied with the size of this King Doubles Burger. You can choose any variants which are almost the same with Singles Burger Menu. Those variant are Burger King Doubles; Black Pepper, Burger King Doubles; Cheese Burger, Burger King Doubles; Swiss Mushroom and Burger King Doubles; Bacon. For the Dessert and Snack menu, you can choose French Fries and Onion Rings, Chicken Tender, Mozzarella Stick, and Chicken Wings with Spicy Pepper.